Thank you

Rachel has the natural ability to be supportive, empathetic and always encouraged me to bring out the best in myself. She has been invaluable on my journey towards body acceptance and mindfulness, helping me end my endless cycle of dieting and bingeing by coaching me to overcome my fears of food and start appreciating and loving the goodness of it. Rachel certainly has an incredible depth of knowledge, wisdom and skill base and genuinely cares about the person she is working with Rachel you’ve taught me so many things about the psychology of eating and mindfulness and health! Thank you, thank you so much xx

Terrianne xx


Michelle M

Best Sessions Ever

“When I completed my first session with Rachel she helped me get back to what I had lost over the years. It was absolutely lovely speaking with Rachel, our conversations flowed with ease and the energy received through the phone literally fired up sparks of love and inspiration within me. The best sessions I have ever decided to do.”

Jan 2018

Emma C

Change never felt so right!

“I love my sessions with Rachel, each week is well thought out for me personally and she makes it so easy to follow through. My only regret is that I didn’t connect with Rachel sooner. Rachel challenged me to succeed, the results spoke for themselves. – change never felt so right.”

June 2019


Powerful sessions

“We had some very powerful sessions, Rachel reminded me of my strengths and qualities that I have, to acknowledge how far I have come as an individual and give me the clarity to see what’s next for me! She is a vibrant inspiration and I am so excited for all her future clients!”

May 2019