Hi there! I'm Rachel

I help people just like you to achieve their health and wellness goals.  Do you want to make a positive impact for you and your family?  If so then you are in the right place.

Life is so much easier when you feel great, we only realize this when we find out what it's like not to feel great. do you want to Fight for your health and wellness again? If your answer is Hell Yes, then Hallelujah! Be your own shining light again.

Feeling shattered when you want to feel great, finding out your health isn't what you thought, or being giving life changing news can really turn your world upside down, I get it, I've been there and back several times over, but I always want to get up and try again.

I remember the day clearly, my husband and I were sitting in another fertility doctors room and it felt like I had been punched in the guts yet again. His words were, "Rachel it may be your accident as a child that is causing your fertility issues". Wow really, here we go again, you shitting me I wanted to say, really something that happened when I was 8 years old can now be causing fertility issues. After keyhole surgery we proved that it wasn't anything to do with it - thank goodness, but that didn't resolve our fertility issues.  After lots of questions with the fertility doctor I went into research mode.  Time to make some changes to our health and lifestyle.  I stopped working, I don't do things by halves and started studying.  I completed my Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine studies, graduating a little later (6 months late), with a bonus of graduating pregnant with our second baby, with my husband and first baby girl supporting me at graduation.

Could I have worked on my fertility without having to give up work and study - Yes, totally I could have, but I have always been interested in health and this was my opportunity to step into a world that felt more real and aligned with my inner voice, having left school far to early due to being bullied for being different.

Feeling stressed and exhausted all the time.

Making those changes, wow so many to make, feeling stressed and exhausted all the time. Making changes to what we ate and how we ate as a couple, how we slept, what we drank. Detoxing was a big part of preparing to start a family, and yes we both did a lot of detoxing. I was lucky my husband supported me and yes he made changes too.

At the start of our fertility journey my health was far from Ideal, I was living on coffee, eating at random times, working super long hours and yes stressed out most of the time.  Looking back I can hardly recognize myself. 

Even after studying Naturopathy and struggled with my health.  I struggled with how other people saw me and judged me.  I was still tired all the time, yes ok I had three young children, but I questioned why I didn't have the answer to every question I was asked about Health and Wellness, and I'm ok with that, as there is no way that I can.  What I love is helping people find the answers to their questions, researching and investigating.  One day I was at a workshop and a lady walked up to me and said, do you coach?  I explained that I was a Naturopath and I work with my clients to find the right path for them.  Coaching was a natural process of being a Naturopath and is the most fulfilling part of my day.  Coaching is my passion, I feel energized when I work with my coaching clients as how you address your health everyday has the most benefits, daily healthy habits have powerful outcomes.

Daily healthy habits have powerful outcomes.

Today I love who I am, who I surround myself with and what I do everyday for myself, my family and my clients.  I have the energy to spend time with my family, coach netball, manage netball teams, train for adventure races with my sisters, walk / run with my husband in the mornings, you name it I feel healthier, fitter and happier in my forties than I did in my 20's.  My goal with my health is to long a long healthy life, not spend a long time dying, but a long time living and enjoying each day.

Lastly, lets just scratch the surface a little more, I'm not 100%, I have bad days and sometimes could have made a "better choice" be it with getting up earlier, not having a second piece of cake, but that's ok, as it doesn't ruin me, it reminds me that I'm living my life, and I get to choose, but overall I choose to make my life as healthy and happy whilst surrounding myself with people that lift me up not pull me down. I have facial paralysis and have grown up with people wanting to put me down for being different, judge me for not being able to smile and have a symmetrical face,  I wasted so many years of my life wanting to fit in with the crowd, now I'm happy to be me.  Healthy doesn't mean beauty, skinny doesn't mean healthy, being kind to others will always be beautiful.

Rach x

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I completed my Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine training at Wellpark College in Auckland, winning the award for Best Research Paper. Became a Fitgenes accredited Practitioner through Fitgenes Pty and completed my Health Caching certificate through The Health Coach Institute.  I am a registered Natruopath and Medical Herbalist with the Naturopath and Medical Herbalist or New Zealand.


  • Diploma in Naturopathy
  • Diploma in Herbal Medicine
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Fitgenes Accredited Practitioner

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